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BioPharmaceutiQals Academy Masterclass (BAM)



The BioPharmaceutiQals Academy Masterclass (BAM)


Module 1: Introduction to Biologicals

Module 2: Introduction to Expression Systems

Module 3: Introduction to Molecular Biology of the Gene

Module 4: Introduction to Recombinant DNA Technology

Module 5: Introduction to Cell Banks

Bonus: Fundamentals of GMP for Biologicals

Module 6: Introduction to Upstream Processing

Module 7: Introduction to Cell Culture Media

Module 8: Introduction to Bioreactors

Module 9: Introduction to Physical Parameters in Upstream Processing (USP)

Module 10: Introduction to CQAs and CPPs in Upstream Processing (USP)

Module 11: Introduction to Protein Structure & Analysis

Module 12: Introduction to Downstream Processing (DSP) 1

Module 13: Introduction to Downstream Processing (DSP) 2

Module 14: Introduction to Monoclonal Antibodies

Module 15: Introduction to Vaccines


Hi, I'm Dr Jasbir Rattu, Consultant Industrial Pharmacist EU Qualified Person (QP), Coach, Mentor and Trusted Advisor for multiple organisations (e.g. companies, universities, hospitals, charities) in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs).

Everyday, I specifically help people like you to go further faster with more achievement, satisfaction, success and fufillment in your job, career or mission.

I want to help more and more people, like you, who genuinely want to make a BIG difference to patients' health and unmet medical need.

To do this we need to become both great people and become great at what we do. Great people really are our industry's greatest asset.

My vision is therefore to support and develop an industry of high calibre, patient-focussed, science-led professionals who can contribute to this end.


THE STORY behind The BioPharmaceutiQals Academy Masterclass (BAM)


I grew up around unmet medical need, almost everyday, as my (best and only) sister was born with congenital glaucoma.

From a young age, I have been inspired and motivated about making (curative) regenerative medicines for patients with unmet medical need.


I wanted to be an expert in making medicines so I studied Pharmacy, the branch of medicine dedicated to this.

During and after my Master of Pharmacy degree, I began specialising further in biological or biotechnology-derived medicines and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) but when I first started working in hospital and industry and tried to learn much more about them there were no courses like the BioPharmaceutiQals Academy Masterclass (BAM) to even start me on my journey, nevermind accelerate it.

I therefore had to build that bridge and join the dots I needed myself by seeking and gaining all the necessary scientific and clinical experience and education, predominantly from many different experts and books.

I worked in several hospitals as a clinical and aseptics manufacturing pharmacist and did a multidisciplinary PhD in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, where I spent around 5 years in academia focussed on cutting-edge research.

Following that I spent more than another decade working in the industry, getting real hands-on industrial experience making innovative vaccines, protein therapeutics and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) such as cell therapy, gene therapy and tissue engineering.

Since becoming an expert consultant in the field today, I have continued to learn (as all experts are students first and always and leaders are readers).

I attended every single relevant available course I could find but as my expertise grew I became increasingly frustrated with the lack of quality content in these courses or the lack of calibre and real expertise of the trainers, or worse BOTH!

ONLY when my consultancy clients began to ask me to provide training for them in the area of my expertise did I realise that I HAD BECOME THE SOLUTION for this gap in the market.

Afterall, for over a decade in industry I had been very busy working hard to acquire (building a bridge for) the very thing that was missing in the market to help me on my own journey to making innovative life-saving and life-enhancing advanced medicines.

I had become a real practicing expert with a passion and knack for delivering high quality training (see the results and testimonials of some of my previous students here and many more further below).


"Content and delivery of training was great- very practical applications in easy chunks to sustain attention. Delivery- excellent- pitched perfectly and enthusiasm was very infectious! Great mix of wisdom throughout which was interesting and uplifting. I thoroughly enjoyed your training. Perfect for me. I came away thinking if that was the standard of all training we would all have a fighting chance of achieving excellence. You have a wonderful effect, keep up the great work! The positive energy you radiate is rare Jasbir, I call that a gift! The best training session I have attended in a very, very long time. 10/10."



"Content and trainer were excellent, starting from basics and built up to final products. Presented in a style that really helps understand a complex subject and also encourage questions and discussions. A very good course for someone like me who comes from a small molecule background. Many thanks for the excellent training."



"I have enjoyed the collective learning aspect of the training.
The ability to ask questions at the time which are applicable to my job role and gain further understanding from the responses given. The first-hand knowledge and applicable anecdotes in relation to the topics given.
Jasbir's expertise is extremely highly rated, content is of a high quality and of the appropriate detail and the delivery is relaxed, enjoyable to listen to and take part in.
High level of information, well explained, with important real-life examples.
Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Jasbir as a trainer. 10/10."



Using this education and experience bridge, my journey has naturally brought me to where I am today; a leading consultant in the most advanced biological medicines we have today: advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs).

I've also learned that excellence is simply getting cutting-edge at the basics!

NOW, I have put the best and salient parts of my important learning distinctions, insights, wisdom and experience into this training and developed a course which would take someone with little or no experience and knowledge in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology to a position where they could continuously build on the solid foundation provided, for the rest of their career.

I have taught many professionals, not just what I have learned from my experiences working and teaching in multiple companies, hospitals, universities but also my big mistakes so they could learn from them without making them and all the additional success factors that will help them be more successful in this industry.

For over 5 years I kept this training exclusive for only my private clients but for many years now many individuals and companies have been asking me to provide training which I have been unable to fulfill due to my other committments.

For all of you who have been requesting this for many years now, thanks for your persistence and please accept my sincere apologies for the delay!

What has been extremely rewarding, and also further motivated me to open this training to the public is the overwhelming feedback I've been getting from my students and delegates who have encouraged me to teach much more.

I therefore realised I had to open up the training to the public to serve many more people so anyone from any interested organisation (company, university, charity, regulatory agency, hospital) can benefit from the same latest high quality training.

The BioPharmaceutiQals Academy Masterclass (BAM) contains decades of focused learning and experience from my own commitment to mastery and has taken many years in the making it's here and ready if you are.

"When the student is ready the teacher appears."

This my story of the how the BioPharmaceutiQals Academy Masterclass (BAM) came about.


"Jasbir is an excellent QP, trainer and speaker. He has very impressive broad and deep knowledge and experience of making medicines especially in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology covering protein therapeutics, vaccines and ATMPs. The quality of the training content was good the calibre of the trainer was excellent and the delivery of the training was good combining technical expertise with audience engagement and entertainment. This training ranks amongst the best I've received. I would highly recommend Dr Jasbir Rattu."


""Enjoyable and interesting. I found the training to be very well delivered and pitched at the right level. It was easy to follow and flowed well. I think knowledge of this topic is particularly pertinent with the increasing importance of Biologicals in the treatment of disease.""


""Very high quality content, excellent trainer who provided a great level/standard of delivery and training. An excellent overview of Biologics and everything we do to release these products. Thanks for the excellent training sessions.""


""Jasbir's expertise is rated highly, the Quality of the Content is very good and the delivery has good pace and content. Excellent advanced QP.""


""Very impressed with your knowledge! The training has been very informative and gives us the bigger picture of what we do and why.""


""My trainer is very knowledgeable and is very good at delivering all relevant information referring to a experiences he has been exposed to. The content is of high quality and delivery and discussions are clear. I would recommend this to others as it has greatly increased my knowledge and would be beneficial to anyone interested in biologics and their manufacture.""


""I find the training extremely interesting. The content is applicable and I am finding that it makes sense to me whenever I review IMPDs/batch records. The delivery is excellent, easy to follow. I find the videos help a lot with my understanding of the topic. The training helped me put a lot of things in context.""


""Jasbir is extremely knowledgeable and his delivery is excellent. I found the course extremely beneficial in helping to understand all the processes involved in biological product manufacturing.""


""Jasbir's credibility and expertise is excellent. The presentations were well set out. Jas you made it fun because you can tell you really enjoy and are interested in this area. This course has dramatically increased my understanding of biological processes and their use in the pharmaceutical industry.""


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Frequently Asked Questions

Part 1: TBA 2021

Part 2: TBA 2021

Part 3: TBA 2021

Intro to ATMPs: TBA 2021

[0900-1700 each day, exact dates of live events TBA due to COVID-19].

The corresponding online digital training for each part is available shortly after each LIVE event and for a whole year's duration.

There are 15 modules in BAM Parts 1-3 and therefore approximately 5 modules are covered at each interactive and immersive 3-day live event.

The course takes place in Hotel Novotel, Union St, Wolverhampton, WV1 3JN. Please call 01902 871100 to book your room for your stay or visit the hotel website on

Yes you can! Although you may think it's ideal to do Parts 1-3 in order, all Parts are designed to be modular and therefore will all fall into place once you've completed all 3 Parts. It is however advisable you complete all Parts 1-3 before you do any of the Advanced courses to ensure you have a solid foundation in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. You also have access to the digital training which is available shortly after each live training event. You can then access this anytime at your convenience.

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